The PAWS Hill Country Shelter is destined to be a true celebration of the human-animal bond, a place where we can continue our efforts to end animal neglect, cruelty, abuse and abandonment and begin love for all involved.

But to make this new, expanded capacity facility a reality, PAWS needs your help!

The new “No-Kill” shelter will provide homeless dogs and cats shelter and health care while loving, permanent homes are found for them. PAWS keeps building on its history of excellence in animal welfare services since 1986. Just imagine how PAWS can use the generous 39 acre donation in Henly to promote our mission! Help crown this beautiful land with a shelter designed for the needs of PAWS’ dogs, cats, staff and visitors.


The Dog Wing

SPONSORSHIP – Name the Dog Wing

SPONSORSHIP – Name a  Dog Kennel  (43 total kennels)

Build a Play Yard for the Dogs (2+ needed)

Washer and Dryer for the Dog Wing (2 needed)

Grooming Table with Electric Lift

Step Up Bathing Tub – Stainless Steel

Kuranda Dog Beds (43+ needed)

Refrigerator for Dog Wing

Dishwasher for Dog Wing


$2,000 Each

$5,000 Each

$900 Each



$80 Each



The Cat Wing

SPONSORSHIP – Name the Cat Wing

SPONSORSHIP – Name a Cat Isolation Room  (2 rooms needed)

SPONSORSHIP – Name a Cat Room  (4 rooms needed)

Washer and Dryer for the Cat Wing

Stationary Wall Mounted Exam Table with Drawer – Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Kennel Bank for Cat Quarantine Rooms (8 needed)

Exam / Procedure Light with Gooseneck Arm for Cat Wing

Kuranda Nine Tier Tower for Cat Rooms  (4+ needed)

Refrigerator for Cat Wing

Dishwasher for Cat Wing


$5,000 Each

$1,500 Each

$900 Each


$1,700 Each


$230 Each



Lobby and Common Area

SPONSORSHIP – Name the Lobby and Common Area

Lobby Appropriate Leather Loveseat and Two Leather Chairs

Lobby Appropriate Non-Fabric Chairs  (2 needed)

Lobby Appropriate Non-Glass, Simple End Tables (2 needed)

Large Reception Workstation with Secure Gate to Contain Office Dogs



Staff Support Areas

SPONSORSHIP – Build the Staff Support Areas

Simple Round Dining Table and Chairs for Break Room

Refrigerator for Break Room

Dishwasher for Break Room

Microwave Oven for Break Room

Cubby or Locker Unit for Break Room







The In-House Spay and Neuter Clinic Suite

SPONSORSHIP – Build the Cat and Dog Spay / Neuter Clinic Suite

Stainless Steel Kennel Bank for Recovery Room (4 needed)

Mobile Animal Lift for Spay / Neuter Suite

Exam / Procedure Light with Gooseneck Arm for Spay / Neuter Suite

Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Wall Unit

Canine Scale with Corded Display

Feline Scale with AC Adapter









The Courtyard

SPONSORSHIP – Build a Gazebo and Landscape the Courtyard

SPONSORSHIP – Build an Enclosed Meet and Greet Area (2+ Needed)

Bench for the Courtyard (4+ Needed)


$10,000 Each


Office and Meeting Rooms

SPONSORSHIP – Build the Shelter Office and Meeting Room

Rectangular Table and 12 Office Appropriate Chairs

L-Shaped Desk and 3 Office Chairs

Tall File Cabinets

Tall Bookshelf / Storage Units



Essential Services and Landscaping

Site Grading / Storm Water Prevention

Septic and Sanitation

Water Well / Storage

Rain Water Capture

Site Electric Service

Roadway / Parking and Walking Surface

Native Landscaping

Fencing / Perimeter Control

Architectural / Engineering











PAWS staff and volunteers are ready to accept cash and pledges for donations-in-kind today.

Make checks payable to PAWS Building Fund and mail to:

PAWS Building Committee
PAWS Shelter and Humane Society
PO Box 695
Dripping Springs, TX 78620